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Trish is a Reiki Master and teacher and Practitioner in the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming,  training with Ian McDermott, a world leader in NLP and CEO of International Teaching Seminars. )ITS)


A long term member of the Guild of Holistic Therapy she  qualified as a teacher for further education in 1995 and was awarded the Further Adult Education Teaching Certificate (FAETC). She is Member of the Guild of Holistic Lecturers.


She is founder of the Hertfordshire Learning Centre for Reiki, and Co Founder of the Harpenden Network for Affordable Homes for Single People, part of her company Rock Solid Compact Developments committed to helping build affordable homes.


Trish began her Reiki journey in 2001.  She achieved her Master Reiki training with former scientist and Reiki Master Robert Torry  of the Mikao Usui school.


Trish is re-introducing a  unique blend of Reiki and NLP to support anyone who wants to improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Her sessions will greatly support other  health regimes, particularly those related to relieving stress and tension, boosting the immune system and helping to relieve pain.


Trish also holds an Honours degree in Sociology, History and European studies and believes in ongoing study and self development. She is currently undertaking a certificate in Nutrition and Weight management, and shortly embarking on the Bach course for the use and application of the world renowned Dr. Bach Flower Remedies.


Trish’s saying is that ‘whoever you are you are, health and healing belong to you’


From personal experience, Trish knows that Reiki and NLP combine perfectly to help in dealing with the many demands of life that are common to everyone.


Trish is passionate about the natural world and the healing energy of nature. Reiki engages the natural energy innate in everyone and is a unique and effective system that enables  the body to self heal.


NLP engages the mind and adopts straightforward methods that help improve and transform energy and wellbeing.  By taking control of every situation in life, either in work, personal relationship or personal goals. NLP is supporting many people to  transform attitudes of doubt or anxiety into a positive format for living life more fully and successfully.



During the months of October and November, Trish is offering pro bono Reiki sessions of half an hour on Fridays from 9 until 1.p.m.


You can email Trish at [email protected] or contact her on 0753 888 5950.